Emergency Pediatric Dentistry – Upper West Side, New York City

At Happy Teeth NY, we offer dental services after hours because emergencies are never expected; with late evening and weekend hours available, we make sure we're available to address all children's dental emergencies on the Upper West Side.

Dr. Lal is a local dentist who lives just down the street from our office so that any emergency your little one experiences is treated quickly. We also have management on premises 6 days per week to direct all emergency calls and concerns to our dentist.

If your child is experiencing a dental emergency, call our office at (212) 810-6562 as soon as possible! 

What are Common Dental Emergencies?

It's easy to panic when your child is injured, but rest assured that even though accidents are common, treatment for most of these situations is just as readily accessible. At our Upper West Side practice, we understand that no parent ever wants their child to feel pain, and provide urgent care for the following dental emergencies:

Crown Fracture – More commonly referred to as a broken tooth or chipped tooth, a crown fracture requires immediate attention. Depending on the severity of the break, the underlying oral tissues can be exposed to infection, contributing to even more significant problems.

Dental Avulsion – An avulsion occurs when a tooth is completely knocked-out. If you contact our office immediately, there is a chance Dr. Lal can reimplant and save the permanent tooth.

Dental Concussion – If your child’s tooth has taken a hard knock, this is considered a dental concussion. You should seek immediate treatment for your child if their tooth darkens or appears black as a result of the trauma.

Dental Intrusion – An intrusion occurs when a tooth gets pushed into the jaw, potentially causing serious injury to both connective ligaments and the tooth's socket.

Root Fracture – Root fractures are difficult for a parent to notice because there are no visible signs. Triggered by direct trauma, a fracture causes immense discomfort. If your child complains of pain following an accident, you should take this as a warning sign and promptly schedule an appointment for a thorough dental examination.

Tooth Displacement – When an injury takes place that shifts a permanent tooth into an unnatural position, there can be underlying issues that need urgent attention, such as a fractured jaw.

While these are just a few common dental emergencies, Dr. Lal assesses and provides treatment for anything a young patient may require – dental infection, abscesses, lost fillings, and oral pain in general. From the outset, our goal is to minimize discomfort, reduce the risk of infection, and get any existing infection under control.

Is Your Child Experiencing a Dental Emergency? Call Happy Teeth NY Right Away!

Dr. Lal is available 24/7 for dental emergencies and can meet a patient as his office in just five minutes. When you call our office and select the emergency option, your call will be directed to our office manager and the call will be transcribed into an email and sent to Dr. Lal, so we can get your child into the office and on to better health.