High-Tech Dentistry at Our Upper West Side Pediatric Dental Office

At Happy Teeth NY, we pride ourselves on combining personalized pediatric dental treatment with advanced technology for increased patient participation as well as a more gentle approach. Dr. Lal spares no expense with incorporating technological advancements into his care, particularly when he knows the end result is helping children feel better about visiting the dentist.

How Technology Adds to the Level of Care We Provide

We take a proactive approach in promoting our young patients’ safety by limiting their exposure to radiation or any other elements that may potentially have a harmful effect on their health. Having advanced technology readily available allows us to provide alternative methods of diagnosis and treatment.

Cavity DiagnosisDiagnosing cavities with transillumination at Happy Teeth NY

Historically, when a dentist suspected a child had a cavity, the first line of diagnostic evaluation involved having a young patient undergo a series of x-rays to validate the suspicion. At our Upper West Side practice, that methodology is a thing of the past.

Dr. Lal uses transillumination to detect cavities. Transillumination works by surrounding a tooth with a safe infrared light that makes tooth enamel appear translucent.

Cavity Treatment

When a patient is a viable candidate, Dr. Lal may recommend treating cavities with silver diamine fluoride, the latest advance in preventing and reducing the development of dental caries. This topical medicament is applied to a tooth and eliminates the bacteria that cause decay.

3-D entertainment for children's dental cleanings at Happy Teeth NYAnxiety Management

We’ve found that making our practice a comfortable destination enables our young patients to feel more at ease during their visits. We provide entertainment options for children to entertain themselves while having their teeth cleaned and even offer video eyewear for patients undergoing more extensive or lengthier treatments.

Electronic Anesthetic Delivery Systems

When a patient requires anesthesia for their treatment, we use computerized injections that offer more precise delivery and greater comfort for patients as compared to conventional methods.

Soft Tissue Lasers

Lasers have revolutionized medicine by enabling healthcare practitioners to deliver precise, efficient treatment with predictable outcomes. Their place in dentistry is no different. Dr. Lal uses soft tissue lasers to safely perform procedures, such as frenectomies, that improve children’s oral health and overall well-being. Benefits of this advanced option include a more comfortable experience during care and faster recovery periods following treatment.

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