Virtual Dental Consultation

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Since most of the dental offices are closed and we are looking for a way to deal with emergencies using tele-dentistry and since i am bored out of my mind, i developed this for me to use in my office.

This is free for you all to use in the iPedo community as long as you are practicing in the US. The reason only within the US is for communication and legal purposes.

This might or might not be the right thing for you. Take sometime to review the site and see the demo site and fill the triage form there to send it yourself to see how it works.

The triage form you receive in the PDF format from your patients can be used as a proof to submit to the insurance company to get reimbursed for doing tele-dentistry.

If you have questions before you request a site please use the contact form on the site and send it to me and do not PM me here.

If I get a lot of requests it will take me a while to get you online but i will do my best between home schooling my 3 devils and other things.

Also please remember you should have a way to send your registered tele dental website to your patients via an email blast or your main website, to all your patients for them and you to make the best use of this.

After this crisis is done and finished I might remove this service. Please do not send the link to anyone else not in this community as I have only limited SERVER RESOURCES.

THANKS TO ALL THE ADMINS for allowing me to post this to help you all at this difficult times we are going through as a community.

If there are minor glitches in the site as you are using it please send it to me using the contact form on the site and do not PM me here.

And finally please read through the HIPPA TOS and PRIVACY POLICY OF THE SITE.

Thank you.